Friday, March 20, 2009

Beauty Pageant.

We have some good family friends, The Samuels, and their youngest Rachel is totally into the show Toddlers and Tiaras

She loves all the glitz and glam to it! She has always wanted to be in one. So yesterday she was over playing with Alexis and i thought it would be fun to do their hair and makeup full on. I told them i would do it as close as i could to the real thing. And Devin Palmer was over with Alyssa and they put on a cute little Beauty Pageant for them.
Rachel Before
After...Sorry the picture kinda didnt turn out very well to much light!

Lexi Before
Lexi After
This is the Video of the Pageant Devin and Alyssa put on for the girls.
Rachel cracks me up! She has the moves DOWN!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

David Archuleta! 3/16/09

Monday night I went along with my cousin and a bunch of others to David Archuleta's Concert! It was amazing! ha ha I had a lot of fun. He is an amazing singer too! And afterwards he even came out and everyone got autographs. Abbie Samuels, Jordann Sawyer,and McKinley Nicholl all made it on the news! Everyone else was just to the left of them and barley got missed!

Braden, Miranda, and Me on the way to Oregano's!

Our whole group! (All four booths) Plus are very nice waiter Jake.

Rachel and Lexi! Best Friends.

Me and Miranda with our Amazing David Shirts!!
Mine is case you couldn't tell.

The Girlies waiting for the concert to start.
Me waiting for the concert to start. And Conner's Lovely Hands.

Carlee came with her friend Conner. We all hung out and Danced and had a great time.

McKinley and I (is that correct Grammar?)

Lexi and Jaime

The only semi good picture i got of David. He came out after and
Signed every one's things all the girlies got signatures. He is very nice and sweet and CUTE!!
Afterwards the Drummer came out with the rest of the band.
He was very sweet and nice too.



Alyssa and Abbie

Jordann and McKinley

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It wasn't to long go when i went on the Girls Trip to Disneyland! I don't think i blogged about that, so I'll put the pictures in with this post.
But anyways Last week (the first week of spring break) my madre took everyone to Disneyland and we left my poor daddy at home alone so he can work.
It was a lot of fun.! We missed my dad, but i don't think he missed us and when we came home and found

This sweet little '68 Mustang
I think my dad had some fun when we left.

But besides that we had a bunch of fun on our own.

On the way there.
Alexis didn't want to go on Tower of Terror, but we made her.

Those ^ are all from the Girls Trip
Here v are the ones from the Most recent!

I think Maxwell thinks he's Gangster.

The Double "A"

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