Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mia Maid Retreat. October 17&18, 2008

So just recently the Mia Maids in my ward came over and we had a big slumber party. it was so much fun getting to know everyone better. We had two girls that couldn't make it and we missed them, but we went and Heart Attacked their houses. Anyway i took some pictures early on then i kinda stopped.

Thanks to Sister Christianson, Sister Ricks and Sister Larson for planning it all. And thanks for all the girlies for coming over (: it was a lot of fun!
Eating Dinner (:
Carlee was a little tired...

Sister Larson and Sister Christiason
Angela Rocking out on the Guitar!

Playing Gestures.
Sister Ricks
Watching Who wants Cobbler? on You Tube. I would suggest watching it!
Carlee fell asleep early!
poor carlee got so much harrassment.
Shalai eating the giant pretezles she brought.
Fixing our makeup on day two.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Disneyland! and California Adventures!

So just recently we were able to go to DISNEYLAND! The Happiest Place on Earth! We went with our cousins the Morgans, our Grandma and Grandpa, our Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Chris. Then we find out that the wonderful Thompsons and Willams are coming. We by far had the biggest group. About 31 people all together.
It was a lot of fun! I would definatly want to go again.
My mom also got to celebrate her 39th Birthday at disneyland so she was very happy. My aunt Wendy and Miranda went and got her Mickey Mouse ears with her name sown into the back and a pin. I think she enjoyed it. I love her soo much!
Happy Belated Birthday Madre!

Cousins :)

Bug eyes!

I just thought this was adorable.

They had the park all decorated for Halloween it was very cute!

Tinker Bell in the Million Dreams Parade
Look at the cute babies

In front of my mommy's favorite ride. and its her birthday and shes spending it at her favorite place with her favorite people. Who could ask for a better birthday!

The new Toy Story ride in California Adventures is very fun. I would suggest it next time you go.

Cali and Lexi
In line for Splash Moutian
Most of the kids.

Bad Blogger

Sorry i have been a very bad blogger lately. Its been forever since i last posted. Anyway somethings that have happened are that our pool was finally built just as the summer was leaving, but no worries we got plenty of swim time in. Trevor got one day of swimming in until..he broke his arm! He was at football practice when it happened, he was at the ER until about 11pm and i being a wonderful worried sister was up waiting to take a picture of him...just kidding i was doing homework :(
ANYWAY Trevor has found many ways to still swim. His cast doesn't hold him back.

Here are some other fun pictures in the pool.


Also I had Homecoming. I got to get ready with my two best friends Shivani Bhatt and Crissy Myers. We had a lot of fun just getting ready. We all had our jobs. I did hair, Shivani did nails, and Crissy Did makeup. We didn't get very many pictures but here are the few we had.
My Best Friends <3
I enjoyed doing her hair... i really did!
The Finished Product.
Shivani's very thick hair!
In the process of doing my hair

Shivani ended up doing an Up-Do too
Shivani is very good a doing the french tip she is a perfectionist when it comes to painting nails.
Woo hoo! We are finally ready!

Afterwards we were all DEAD tired.