Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anyone want a Cook Book?

Ok so I'm doing a Fundraiser for one of my electives at school. Its my culinary arts class and all the money goes to the FCCLA club at our school. They're are two cook books you can buy one is No more than FIVE Ingredients and the other is Easy Italian Ingredients. They're both good quality and have many good easy recipes. And they're only $10.00

So if your interested or have any questions please leave me a comment and let me know.

Maxwell The Tool Man

My mom decided to get Maxwell some play tools because he absolutly loves to "fix" things and he can't use my dads tools because they're just to dangerous. Anyway he has not departed from them since he has gotten them. he takes them everywhere and if you try to touch one he goes "Don't touch my screwdwiver!"Its the cutest thing. He had fixed me about 5 times he also has fixed the couch, tv, our old house, everyone in our family, my homework, and a bunch of others. i managed to get a couple picture before he got mad.
Awh he's working so hard!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching Up

First of all i went to the Daddy Daughter Ward Dance thingy with of course my daddy and my three little sisters (one of whom was adopted for the night because her dad was out of town.) It was a fun and cute activity i enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure Alyssa, Alexis, and Annie all did too. We had dinner which i spilled all over my new shirt! but no worries i got the stains out. Then we danced! And we had dessert brownies with ice cream YUM! Nice job boys.

Prescott '08
For the three day weekend My Uncle Steve had a softball tournament up in Prescott. So we took our RV and met our cousins up there. We mostly hung out all weekend. It rained off and on and the weather was perfect. My uncles team didn't win, but they did a good job! I didn't get any pictures of him playing :( because i forgot to bring the camera to the one and only game i went to. But my aunt got a couple pictures of us watching the game. And...i can't find them so maybe I'll post them some other time. On Sunday we found out the Lewis's we're in Prescott too in a cabin so we went and visited them too. It was fun! Brother Lewis took us on a ride in the Rhino and it was amazing :) We all love it thanks Brother Lewis and the Lewis family!

We only had one car that seated only eight people, but we made it work and fit 13 people in it! When we got out it was like a clown car with a bunch of clowns coming out one after another...after another...ect.

A really pretty view from the hill we drove up on...well it was more like a MOUNTAIN

We went down a Really steep hill but you can't really tell in this picture. It was awesome though.

You might want to turn your volume down a tiny bit because we scream loud.

Maxwell was tired from with all the big kids.

Saturday we also went to a festival thingy and that was pretty fun. We looked at all the different shops and ate snow cones and funnel cakes. And after all that we got back to the camp and met the Urkle part of our family.

Trevor and Tyler Urkle

Beau Urkle

Max Urkle

We did the traditional thing and played card games. The two most played were President and Presbyterian Poker

but we coudnt stand it and my dad broke out the projector and xbox. it was pretty fun. We had a movie night and watched Hookwinked. We got eaten by mesquitos and look! we have blankets and jackets on it was actually COLD outside

When it rained we brought it all in and played Halo!

It was a really fun trip and i love travling with my family.
Now i think i'm all caught up now.!