Sunday, July 27, 2008


School starts tomorrow....WOO HOO.....*i say sarcastically*`

Anyway...I'm excited to see all my friends and have the good old fun high school experiences, but i really don't want the work. Ha Ha yes I'm lazy, but you know the stress and everything. Eh...that's what i think about school. I mean come on why do we need work at school??

So we always take pictures on the first day of schoolieo so I'll post them on here...eventually because we still don't have Internet. AND remember my Aunt Heather (CHURCH!) well shes here and my grandma is here from Utah so I'll problem have those on here soon.

Basha Here I Come......

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Officially Moved in.....kinda

Ok so we moved in all our furniture on July 22, 2008 and the reason i didn't get to put this on here until two days later is because we have no Internet are our new house :((( Depressing i know. But i think I'll survive maybe another week. Who knows??
Anyway we still have a bunch of junk *that includes ALL our food* in our old house. So we just come over to the old house whenever we need to get something and hopefully eventually one day it will all be in our new house! Did that make sense?? Sorry I'm a little scatter brained today. But the day we moved i decided half way through i would blog the moment so sorry its kinda random.

HEY look its my Dresser coming down the stairs MAGICALLY...ha ha JUST KIDDING you can kind of see the guy behind it. He must of thought that i was some creep.

The lovely moving Truck with a lovely tree and a lovely lease sign. Hey Anyone need a house to rent??

We had some yummy Bashas' Pizza for lunch. and i was going to take a picture of all of us eating around the table *including the movers* but then i thought they would think it was kinda creepy soooo i took a picture of the box instead.

Back to work...

Doesn't he look comfy!
Frozen dinners can only taste so good.

Breakfast on the ground!

A random picture. Some day I'm just going to do a post on My Family and there ugly faces. Oh they get scarier.

Some are worse then Sister Stewarts he he

A Tribute to the Love Family! We love and miss everyone from Shamrock Farms ward and our neighborhood all ready, but i just had to say. That the Love Family is such a great family they are LOVABLE. We moved in about the same time they moved in and our families clicked. There have been so many times that they have kept Lexi, Trevor, and Alyssa entertained for days at a time. They could be our second family. We love them to bits and will miss them soo much. They provide such great examples for us. If you know them you are so lucky.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Who Knew...

...Cleaning windows could be so amusing.

Yesterday we had to clean all the windows in our new house so that today when the screen people come to put the screens up they're all pretty and sparkly clean. Well anyway we have the three windows in our entry way that are very high up.
Well those needed to be clean of course! So i went up there and cleaned the windows and put lightbulbs up. And i loved seeing other peoples faces as they drove by and saw what looked like a 8 year old girl standing on the roof of a house. It was a very fun experiance and for some random reason i wanted to share it with everyone!

Sorry the pictures are bad but the only camera we had was the one on my little sisters phone. And i just HAD to document this moment.

Also there were some very cool and wonderful views from the roof. So whenever your feeling down or sad just go sit on your roof and look out and the VAST open space :P

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hair Cuts for Schoolieo! and a Fun night with Friends

Today we went to Fantastic Sams *They never let us down* to get Alyssa and Alexis's Hair cut. They both turned out cute. Alyssa's hair was starting to dry and curl up so its kind of hard to see the actual hair cut. And Lexi HAD to get bangs like me ha ha all she kept saying on the way there is "Mom, i want my bangs like Taylor's when she first got them cut. K??" i feel so proud to be her older sister :D Anyway here are the before and after pictures!

Alyssa was a little excited.

After that i went to the movies with my friend Haley Carroll we saw Get Smart *A very funny movie!* then went to Taya's house to go TP her cousin's house. It was pay back! Then we went to Haley's and ate a whole thing...well the strawberry and chocolate part of Neapolitan ice cream. Then i went home. It was a very fun, but relaxing night :p
Haley got a brain freeze and i caught her in the middle of her laughing in pain fit. *Sorry its sideways i couldn't get photo bucket to let me rotate it :(*
Taya n Haley finishing off the ice cream!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E.L.F *Eyes, Lips, and Face*


I found some makeup on the website above and its free shipping on orders $75 and up. I don't want to order that much. So does anyone want to go in on it with me?? I'll order it and everything. Almost all of it is $1.00. I've never used it, but I want to try it. It will make great little gifts for birthdays. So if anyones intrested please leave a comment.


Friday, July 11, 2008

EFY 2008!

Ok so I'm finally getting to EFY. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. And i know i lied! But its Sunday and i said I'd have them by Sunday :P

Well EFY was the best experience of my life! I loved every single minute of it. I don't really know what else to say. i just miss my whole company ONE STAR!

Caution: There will be a LOT of pictures and Stories behind the pictures.

These pictures are on the way up there. It was a fun ride.

Crissy was the only one that didn't sleep so she took pictures of us and her with my Sunglasses on. *Notice Dustin in the back ground sleeping *
Us on the first day with our stunning Steady and Sure EFY shirts. We tried to take a picture of all three of us together everyday. but it didn't work out very well.
Us on the second Day. We had a get to know everyone dance. It was very nice weather so i could wear pants, but the gym was very hot with over 700 bodies dancing and no air conditioning. It was all good because everyone had a blast! We played this game where you were paired up with a partner and our counselor would give you an animal with a disability and you would act it out and see who was the most creative. These boys were Blind T-Rex's and they were just Hilarious! They had everyone laughing. I think they won!

We had Pizza and Game night, We played games with our company's then went back with our groups and just hung out in the dorms and ate pizza. It was much fun! We took a cute picture and a dorky picture.Our boys! These were the boys of our company
Colter and Dan were so Funny when they were together. Dan is on the right and Colter left.All the boys bought flowers for the girls. It was the Formal dance night the goodbye dance :( it was so sweet! We were the only girls that got flowers. Left to Right: Corrina(she was one of the good friends i made.), Me, Kelsee, Hallie, Crissy. Dan and Tiffany our counselor's I miss then a lot They were so funny! and just made everything fun. The girlies of One StarThe boys offering our roses to TiffanyMe n MasonColter(the tallest in our group) Holding Taylor (The smallest :P) Me n DanMe n TiffanyMe and Kenzie,She was also i good friend Colter and Dan at it againMe Corrina and Crissy. haha We were tired of smiling Me n MattMcKenzie n meMe n BenOh yeah! look at us! haha The last day. With Macarena Boy. We say him doing the Macarena and he was being really funny so we just laughed at him and he be came our buddie.On the Way home.

Well EFY was so much fun and i'm so excited for next year. to Experience everything all over again.