Sunday, June 15, 2008


So i am SO excited to leave for EFY tomorrow! This is my first year and i have heard that it is so much fun and that you get to meet all kinds of amazing people. So i won't be blogging untill next week!


I would like to wish my Padre a very happy father's day. I am so greatful for all he does for me and the family. I couldn't picture our family without him. I know he loves us and we love him SO much! He provides so much for this family and sacrafices a lot for our family.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lake Powell 'o8!!

Lake Powell was a blast this year! We had our neighbors from our old house and we've known them for about 9 years now. But sadly my 'Twin' Danielle couldn't come because she had to go to summer school to be able to take a higher Honors math class. (GO HER!)

Also old Friends of my parents came. My parents have known them since they it was a big get together/meet new people vacation. Also one of my best friends Ashley Lopez came.
Heres a quick summerey of the week then i'll put on the pictures!
Friday- We got to our campsite, launched the boat, set everything up.

Saturday- We drove out to a beachy area right across from where our boat was tied up. We hung out there I did some wakeboarding and we did some tubing. The Pucketts arrived and we went and picked them up from the marina and hung out somemore

Monday- We drove out (on the boat of coarse!) to Hucketsen Island (a made up name for this cool rock area that we found last summer) and hung out there all day. It was about an hour away.

Tuesday- We went exploring and explored about 1/8 of lake powell but it seemed like it was more then half. That lake is HUGE. <--we only went to where it says Dangling Rope Marina.

Wednsday- It was windy outside and it started to sprinkle and we heard Thunder and saw Lightning so we went back to the Camp and went to the Dam Visitors Center (haha a pun) it was really cool!

Thursday- Was also I windy day, but died down toward the afternoon. We found a little cove that kept us out of the wind for a while then we went out and did some tubing (it was to cold to do anything else)

Friday- Packed everything up and got ready to go on the Lake one last time untill next summer :'( went to Hucketsen Island which was UNDER WATER! The water rose at least ten feet in 3-4 days. Then we got back and left for home didn't get home untill 2:15
Saturday morning!

Now done with the boring part lets get to PICTURES
Oh ya and again click on the pictures if you want to see them closer. Cause i know these pictures are smaller.