Thursday, April 24, 2008


Its lake time again! I absolutely love the lake! Tomorrow we are going to saguaro lake. We have been going to the lake since max wasn't even one so he is VERY excited i'll try to get a video of him saying that he is "cited to boat!" I'll post some pictures fo sho!


We are going to go to Lake Powell May 30th to June 6th!! My family has so many memories there with family and friends and my BESTEST FIREND Ashley is coming with!

Sorry its side ways :/ Anyway its gonna be a blast!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Note to my WONDEFUL Young Women Leaders!

Sister Whitman!
I love her to death.! She has been in young womens with me since I have moved in a little more then two years ago. She has always been the sweetest to me and is such a great example.When our ward split from Seville Park Ward to Shamrock Farms i was worried that she wouldn't be in young womens anymore. But i was very excited to hear she was our president! I have always looked up to her and am sad that she was released, but i know she will do a great job in her next calling. And i look forward to having Sister Reyne as a leader, its going to be fun!!

Sister Whitman, i love you so much and will miss you very much!!. Thanks for being such a great example for me. You are a great! Your testimony always helps mine grow! I will miss your lessons they have always taught me a lot. I am so grateful to have met you. Wow I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm saying goodbye forever, i just wanted to let you know how much i have enjoyed you being in young womens.

Sister Galvin!

I just got to know you last year, but it has felt like I've known you since i was 12. I love you so much and will miss you. I will miss your creative little activties and your cute lessons. Your testimony has also helped mine grow and I'm sure that you have helped the other girl's testimony's too. Thanks for helping me feel comfortable around this group. Your awesome and i will miss you. But i will see you around. Thanks again for everything.

Sister Martinez!
The first thing i thought when i heard you were released was WHO'S GOING TO FILL THE SILENCE IN THE CAR!?!?! Haha no that wasn't the first thing i thought,but i will miss your stories! I think happiness followed you around. You would walk in the room and i swear the whole room would light up with a happy go-with-the-flow mood. I will miss your smiling face every Sunday and Wednesday. You brought the spirit everywhere you went. I know i will see you around because Max will want to play with his friends :) I love you sister Martinez and thanks.

Sister Slade!
Your so wonderful! I can't even explain it in words! We didn't get to do a lot together, but you are great...and your testimony is one i will never forget. I'm going to miss the wonderful spirit you brought to each and every class. Also thanks for the effort that you put into finding what personal progress value we could pass off each week that ties into the lessons being taught. I love you!

Sister Stewart!
Your still in YW!! YAY! But i thought I'd thank you too. And hey! You were released for about 10 seconds :)
But anyway i want to thank you for setting a great example for me. Your lessons always make me want to be a better person. Thanks for listening to all my pointless stories on the car rides home. I love you so much!! and am looking forward to being in YW with you for longer.

Sister Reyne, Sister Scott, and Sister Bowers!
I look forward to hearing all your testimonies, being privileged to be apart of your lessons and spending time with all of you! I can tell that we will have a great time. Just looking at you guys i know your all very special women because you were called to serve with us :)) Thanks

ok for about the 30th time I love you all and Thanks so much for what you have done for me and our YW group. I hope that this made sense and that you guys got my point on how much i appreciate and love you all.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun with The Family!

My Aunt Heather, Grandma Field and cousins Hayden, Raini, and Roxy drove 12 hours to come visit us and the Morgans. We had so much fun together!!! I didn't get very many pictures but i'll post some more later. But heres a cute picture of Roxy and half of Raini's Face and an adorable video or Roxy dancing.

ok so everyone has a moment. Well if you know my family well enough you would know that my family has our random moments often. Well its about 10:30pm the night before my aunt, grandma, and cousins leave back for Utah and my Aunt Heather puts on this tie around skirt and starts saying CHURCH! "i'm ready for CHURCH!" Sadly i didn't get her on video saying it because it was hilarious! But i got pictures and her messin around with Maxwell cause he was scared of her. It was kind of a had to be there moment, but i thought that i would post it for later to look back on.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Be on the Road....


Well it sounds worse then it really was. I finally got to drive on my own. We have our cousins from Utah visiting us, they wanted to go to the park so we dropped them off and i asked my daddy if i could drive back and he said YESS! I was so excited.!!! I have always been nervous about driving, but this helped me and now I always want to drive. I can't wait until i get my permit and i can drive at any daylight hour with a parent or guardian :D
But anyway i had a blast and can't wait to do it again. Sadly i didn't get any pictures :(, but its the memory that counts.
Oh Ya my mom wanted to make sure everyone knows that she was totally against me driving without a permit.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Brother Sister Bonding :)

Well first i wanna apologize for lying in the last post, i said i would post pictures of Alyssa's Birthday, but i never did. I have a video i want to put on here , but i can't figure out how i can get the video from the video camera to the computer. I will be sure to get it on here sometime. Its pretty funny.

Anyway Me and Trevor were both supposed to hang out with someone tonight, but they bailed out on us so we decided to bake White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies and Brownies.!!!
We had a great time and everything turned out very yummy.!
Here are some pictures. Most of them weren't posed we would just pick up the camera and take some random picture of each other.

We were excited for the brownies. Trevor was devising his evil secret ingredient (Honey) Now its not a secret oops.!

I gave the cookie dough a good beating. That's what makes them so good :DWe made an extra big cookie for the Bakers. YUM!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to ALYSSA!

Poor Alyssa! Today is her 11th birthday and she wanted to go to On the Boarder for her birthday dinner, but i doubt that's gonna happen because My mom is sick, Alexis is Sick, Trevor is sick, and this is my second day home being sick. We also were gonna celebrate her birthday with our cousins, but i don't think they wanna come over today :/ anyway and least shes healthy on her birthday and she'll have some great presents! I'll post those later tonight.