Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photo Shoot!

OK so i was bored and max was cold so i put my knee high socks on him and made him pose in 'em. i enjoyed it and i think he enjoyed it to :p Now i hope you enjoy it!

Happy 11th Birthday Party Alyssa!

Alyssa had her 11th birthday party last night. All the girls slept over and they had a blast. Alyssa said she had a great time. Her actual Birthday is April 3rd so I'll have a post on that day :) I can't believe she'll be 12 in a year. Shes gonna be going to girls camp with me next year!!! WOW! a Tween. Well Here are some pictures of her party.

Every year at Alyssa's birthday everyone makes there own mini pizza's and everyone has a blast with it. Sha has a friend Abbie who has been to ever birthday party since they were three and she still loves it!

yummay Pizzas
They made shirts. They were all very cute!

Max had a great time too!

Monday, March 24, 2008

HaPpY dAy LaTe EaStEr!!

Well i defiantly had a wonderful Easter! We had a our cousins the Morgan's over, there Grandparents, and my Grandma. We did our traditional Dinner and Easter Egg hunt! We have a Gold egg which had ten dollars in it and a silver egg that has five dollars in it. This year we hid them really hard! Well we thought. Alyssa ran straight to the gold egg (it was under a hose box) cause she thought that we would hid it there then Alexis got the silver egg. Her, Beau, and Tad were looking everywhere! it was funny but Lexi just happened to be the fastest.

Golden Egg Finder! Silver Egg Finder!

Beloved Egg Hiders. What would they do without us?

The Silver egg was in that wheel barrow with the satellite in it My wonderful Grandma! My Cousin's Grandparents But they're just like mine! Me n my awesome cousin Miranda!

Its hard to get good pictures out of MaxwellAw!! We finally got a good oneJust thought I'd share these pictures. and i hope all of you had a GREAT Easter.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


We just recently went on vacation with some close friends to a cabin in Heber. It was a very nice cabin! We had 25 people- 17 kids! It was crazy but it was fun!! It snowed pretty hard one day, but that just made us wanna play outside more! So we did. It was fun cause we don't get snow in Gilbert :\ Anyway we just uploaded our picture so i wanted to share them! :)

Maxwell in his warm skii mask!

Snow Day!!!
We thought up many ways to go down the zip line ^Our friend Taylor)
Movie Night

I Don't Know? Shes a Dork

Trev on the zip line That was fun

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Title of My First Post Of My First Blog

So this is my first post! How exciting!! Well everyone has blog so I'm jumpin on the Bandwagon!
Spring Break has been AWESOME! Of course! Not having to wake up at 5:00 am to go to a Spanish class that you don't get whats going on....of course its great

My Family is GREAT! I love them to Death. Yeah, i know I'm not always home and I'm with my friends often. I know that my family is always by my side and i will always be there for them!

Mi Padres!!
My parents are the best! I do not know what would happen if i didn't have them. Sometimes i will think oh my dad is such a dork, but I'm lucky to have a dorky dad rather then an up tight all business one. And my mom! I know that she will Love me no matter what. She is such a good example for me. I look up to her and hope to be a great mom just like her.

My Brothers

Maxwell and Trevor are the best brothers one can have. Max is somethin else. He is a spoiled brat :) if he wants it he'll get it. We all love him and hopes he grows into a fine young man!
Trevor and i are close! We will fight but we always have fun together and trust each other. We embarrass each other all the time, but we'll never hold grudges just laugh it off and have a good time. I love him!


My Sisters

My sisters are hilarious! I could be crying or steaming mad at someone or them and they still could make me laugh. Everyday they make my day that much better! They are annoying at times and sometimes i just cannot stand them, but HEY they're my little sisters i gotta love em!
I try to set a good example for them. I know that they look up to me and i often see them doing a certain thing i do myself. Somethings i say they take to heart. I have said some hurtful things not meaning them and I've seen what it does to them.
Alexis is seven and the second youngest and she still thinks she is the little Princess and knows everything. She even tries to tell me how to do my homework. She is a very cute little blond though and the boys can't keep away ;)
Alyssa is a fun-loving spazzy little girl! Her email is Spazzcutie94! She has many friends cause she is very social. She is also a cute little blond. Shes a tomboy complete opposite of her younger sister, but they get along just like Best Friends.

Alyssa, Me, Alexis Alyssa's Tenth birthday